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Sikkhona. Towards excellent team work

Sesión Flash | Spanish

The relationships between the members of all teams go through phases, some extremely productive and constructive, and others which are frustrating and destructive. From a leadership viewpoint, it is important to know where your team stands and how to help it grow.

The ESADE Alumni Career Services invites you to this flash session, your chance to discover the Sikkhona leadership model for team development. This model helps diagnose the phase a team is in and provides a series of practical communication methods and ways to improve the bonds inside teams with a view to enhancing their co-operation and performance.

This workshop will examine the Sikkhona model and demonstrate some of its dynamics by interacting with participants.

Having led teams before or be leading one at the moment is a mandatory requirement in order to make the most of this workshop.



Ferran Ramon-Cortés

Ferrán holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration and an MBA  (ESADE), and is also an assistant teacher. After working for almost 20 years in the international field, in 2008 he decided to create the 5 Fars Institute which offers courses and coaching in personal and interpersonal communication skills. He has penned several books about communication including particularly La Isla de los 5 Faros (RBA 2005 – Planeta 2010) and La Química de las Relaciones (Planeta 2013-Pòrtic 2013). Regular contributor to a variety of media including the weekly supplement of El País, Catalunya Ràdio and RAC1.



Horario: de las 19 a las 21 horas

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