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ESADE Alumni and Motor Munich invite you to try the MINI All4 and BMW xDrive range in real snow conditions on Wednesday December 6th at the Ordino-Arcalís circuit (the Logic Drive Ordino-Arcalís circuit has 700m of track 13 meters wide with many variations and is located in the Arcalís resort at 2000 metres above sea level).

There will also be an off-road route where you can test the vehicles’ electronic aids uphill and downhill.

Weather permitting (plenty of snow is needed), tough 4 × 4 drives will be available (without endangering customers or cars). Details of the day:

- Schedule: 9am, 11.30 am and 3.00 pm (limited numbers)
- Sixty-minute test drives with monitor (1 or 2 customers per vehicle) on the circuit and 1hr 15 min off-road drives.
- Available vehicles: MINI All4 and BMW xDrive range.
- All-day refreshments.
- Nursery facilities.
- Access to the Moritz Terrace for this participants in this event only (weather permitting)
If you would like to stay at the Ordino-Arcalís resort, other activities are available on the same day (check prices).

Dinner at 2500 metres
Dinner at the Restaurant-Refugio La Coma (Saturday 9th). The idea is to come up with the BMW xDrive and MINI All4 from Motor Munich to La Coma, and ride down afterwards on giant sled machines to the 2000 metre level where the circuit is located.

Snowmobile ride
Snowmobile ride (two persons per snowmobile) about 40 minutes long around the Ordino-Arcalís resort.

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