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The Storyboard Method: The Art and Science of Presenting Ideas

Sesión Flash | Spanish

February 06 OF 2020 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

Discover how to create the perfect story for each audience

Communicating ideas artfully and skilfully is vital for any leader. One of the greatest powers a person can have is the ability to create stories that connect with others. The Storyboard Method is designed to give you that power. Esade Alumni Careers is pleased to invite you to an upcoming flash session that will revolutionise the way you think and reinvent your way of presenting ideas. 

Drawing on the field of neuroscience, this simple, practical method shows you how to compose the perfect story for each audience and expertly communicate ideas in various formats – around a table, with slides in a conference room, on paper, on a digital platform, etc. 

Co-founders of The Storyboard Method

Marion Charreau 

An artist and cartographer of ideas, Marion can clarify anything by drawing it on a sheet of paper.

In her first book, Le français vu du ciel – which publisher Le Robert described as the most innovative proposal they had received in years – Marion synthesised an entire language in a series of illustrated maps. 
As a multilingual consultant, Marion forms part of a global campaign for visual literacy. She teaches people how to use visual tools to reflect, organise and communicate ideas, as well as to learn and make decisions.
Her workshops promote independent thinking and activate new individual and collective work habits. She has trained more than four thousand people at companies, government institutions and universities across Europe and Latin America.


Jenifer L. Johnson

As a story activist, Jenifer finds solutions to complex problems by creating new narratives.

She started out helping government institutions and NGOs to rethink tired narratives and create new ones that would change the public perception of important health issues and shift the political framework.
As the director of a social lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., she crafted speeches that mobilised members of Congress to pass critical healthcare legislation.
She has taught courses on entrepreneurship and innovation at several European universities. She continues to advise business owners, scientists, political leaders and social groups on how to translate their information into clear stories that connect with people.


Marion and Jenifer co-wrote the book Piensa y comunica tus ideas con The Storyboard Method (Penguin Random House).