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Strategic thinking in your career

Sesión Flash | Spanish

''If you don’t control your own destiny, some one else will'' says Jack Welch.

The ability to control your own career requires a series of increasingly important techniques for success in today’s ever-changing world.

Whether you work in a start-up or a big company, whether you are freelance or thinking about being an entrepreneur, or whether you would like to work in a different industry, field of work or country, you must take strategic decisions and draw up plans of action. You must always be ready, at all times, to control your career.

This ESADE Alumni Careers flash session will talk about strategic thinking and action: management, planning, goals, employability, networks, types of career, key decisions, and some of the techniques and skills necessary to manage your career today as effectively as possible.

Jaime Lladó Casadevall (Lic&Master 77)

Former student of ESADE and PDG at IESE. Trainer and coach certified by the Dale Carnegie University, New York. After a management career in different industries, in 1993 he founded Llado&Partners, Spain’s first career management consultant. Collaborates regularly with ESADE Alumni Careers. Board member of the Asociación para la Búsqueda de la Excelencia.

Currently a partner and managing director of Dale Carnegie Spain (leader in social intelligence skill training), retail coach (using proprietary training method in customer service), People Solutions Consulting (HR and executive search consultancy) and Servimetrics (representative in Spain of Happy-Or-Not Spain developing customer experience evaluation systems).

In 1998, Jaime published Consiga el Éxito en su trayectoria Profesional together with Antonio Valls, which explains the personal career strategy concept.