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Taps, clicks & bricks: Building omnichannel experiences for the consumer of the 21st century, with Professor Jaime Castello


January 16 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni Los Ángeles Chaper is delighted to invite you to another talk, ''Taps, clicks & bricks… Building omnichannel experiences for 21st-century consumers'', by professor Jaime Castello, on Wednesday January 16th at 19:00.

The digital revolution has changed consumer habits radically: not by replacing one channel with another, but by changing how different channels impact the consumer experience. This talk will examine this new reality and suggest the best ways of improving the consumer’s omnichannel experience.


Jaime Castello

Jaime Castello started out in marketing and sales and is currently an associate professor and programme director at a business school. Over the years, his interests have shifted towards the construction of learning communities. The same untiring curiosity and concern about people’s emotions and feelings are now the driving force behind his work helping executives achieve maximum levels of excellence in their companies.


See you there!

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