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The three-wave brand strategy: profitable and sustainable growth by professor Oriol Iglesias (Lic&MBA 98 / PhD 06)

Programa de continuidad | Spanish

June 19 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

ESADE Alumni is pleased to invite you to 'The three-wave brand strategy: profitable and sustainable growth', the next talk in the refresher programme by professor Oriol Iglesias, (Lic&MBA 98 / PhD 06), associate professor and of the ESADE department of marketing management.

One of any brand’s main goals is to achieve profitable, sustainable growth. But this calls for executives with a two-fold focus, now and in the future, or even a three-fold focus if they want to be leaders in the industries where their brands compete. It’s also essential to know what sort of innovation strategy could maximise profits in mature markets and drive new opportunities in the future. Unfortunately, our research shows that most companies invest in the wrong innovation portfolio and are therefore unable to increase their ROI or boost their future growth. In this talk, Professor Iglesias will explain how brands can achieve profitable, sustainable growth by applying the “three-wave brand strategy”.

Oriol Iglesias
Associate professor and head of the ESADE marketing department. Member of the science committee of the Global Brand Conference; member of the science committee of the Special Group in Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation at the Academy of Marketing; member of the editorial board of the Journal of Brand Management. Former head of the ESADE Brand Institute and the Brand Research Group at ESADE. Oriol has worked on training and consultancy programmes at Telefónica, Volkswagen, Banco Santander, PwC and other companies. Between 2000 and 2007, he was a partner and director at the marketing consultancy, Wakaa Networks. In parallel, he was also a partner and director at El Terrat Online, the on-line division of the TV, theatre and entertainment producer El Terrat. Oriol has also been the senior consultant and deputy director at ATI-Markefin (consultant in service marketing). His career began in the marketing department at Xerox.

See you there!

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