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'A Touch of Luxury. The secrets of the luxury industry and its impact on the economy and society' by Loredana Vitale


December 12 OF 2016 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

The ESADE Alumni Aragon Club is pleased to invite you to ''A Touch of Luxury. The secrets of the luxury industry and its impact on the economy and society'', a talk by Loredana Vitale, an expert in premium and luxury brand development and founder of Vitalissima Inter-Trading SL.

The world of luxury is an extraordinary sector with an amazing variety of products. A true understanding of this industry requires a close look at its impact on society and the economy, and its long-standing tradition of  history, culture and craftsmanship, values that set it apart from many other industries. It is, of course, also important to know which way trends are moving and spot new luxury market consumers in order to communicate with them and offer suitable goods and services. Finally, it is essential to debunk the myths about this sector in order to open it up to a wider market and facilitate the transfer of its characteristic excellence to many other segments and sectors.



Loredana Vitale

Loredana Vitale is a strategic consultant and expert in marketing, communication and customer service. This expert in premium and luxury brand development draws upon the expertise acquired during her extensive career in executive, management and consultancy positions, in addition to providing training and conferences in these areas. Founding partner of Vitalissima Inter-Trading S. L., where she is currently the director, a company that deals mainly with market in-roads and product representations. After graduating in graphic design and advertising in Italy, she completed her studies at ESIC, Zaragoza, where she took a Master in Sales Management and Marketing, and at IE, Madrid, where she took the Advanced Program in Strategic Management of the Luxury World. To satisfy her enquiring mind, Loredana has taken countless courses and seminars. She has worked in a wide range of industries, although she has focussed mainly on the world of luxury, without overlooking any segment although she has concentrated mainly on tourism, top-rank gastronomy and jewellery. Loredana Vitale is also the author of the book Siente el Lujo – una visión transversal del universo del lujo, published recently by Rasche.



See you there!

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