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The TradeLink case study. Connecting Latin America to Global Trade


The ESADE Alumni Panama Chapter is pleased to invite you to the presentation ''The TradeLink case study. Connecting Latin America to Global Trade'' by Jaime Liriano, senior trade marketing manager of L'Oreal Spain, on Thursday, July 13th at 19:00 at the Hotel Double Tree in Panama. This talk will examine the techniques and practices that companies can use to create go-to-market strategies in the LatAm market.

Jaime Liriano will explain the steps and methods that local distributors can use to successfully launch global brands in local contexts. Chapter president Francesco Orlandino (MIM 09) will be there to welcome you.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet up with other alumni, make new friends, expand your local network and enjoy a pleasant evening together.

Seats must be reserved beforehand. Don’t hesitate to bring along any ESADE Alumni colleagues you may know in Panama or any possible partners or business contacts.

See you there!

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