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Training a resilient mind with Mindfulness

Sesión Flash | Spanish

How to manage adversity, ambiguity and increasing complexity?

ESADE Alumni Careers
invites you to a flash session about the advantages of a resilient mind for managers and executives and how to develop one in order to handle a VUCA setting. This talk will explain how mindfulness can strengthen the brain circuits that facilitate resilience and boost other circuits related to wellbeing.


Participants will work on:

•    How to cultivate individual and group resilience
•    The impact on decision taking
•    The main sources of resilience
•    Sense of coherence model and resistance model.

Participants will also practice mindfulness, which can then be used as a platform for exploring everyday strategies, learn how to develop quality control for thinking in order to be in the zone, and also how to train the mind in a be-do mode. The workshop will end with personal training plans for developing these skills.


Andrés Martín Asuero

The session will be led by Andrés Martín Asuero, BSc, MBA and PhD in Psychology, co-founder and director of Instituto esMindfulness (, and president of Spain’s association of MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) coaches. Andrés introduced the MBSR programme into Spain in 2004 and currently works as a facilitator in leadership and stress reduction in companies and hospitals. He has written several books including Plena mente, mindfulness o el arte de estar presente (Ed. Planeta, 2015).



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