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Twenty-first-century healthcare. The patient-oriented approach. An impossible dream?


June 06 OF 2018 from 07:00 PM to 09:30 PM

The ESADE Alumni Healthcare and Pharma Club invites you to their forthcoming talk, ''Twenty-first-century healthcare. The patient-oriented approach. An impossible dream?''

Today’s healthcare policy emphasises patient experience, effectiveness and safety as the mainstays of quality healthcare. However, although the importance of making the patient experience the focal point of healthcare has been accepted in theory, doubts persist in the healthcare world as to whether this approach has been integrated into every-day healthcare.

In parallel, even in  the management strategy of all health centres and the pharmaceutical industry, calculated indicators focus mainly on clinical patient outcomes and the efficiency of the healthcare process, in which the patient experience is rated on generic scales whose results are often watered down.

Some European and North American health centres are working on patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) and patient-reported experience measures (PREM), regarded as increasingly important for assessing the quality of healthcare and the results of specific interventions, and also for clinical assessments and decision-making.

Is the patient really the focal point of healthcare today? Are the strategy and indicators of Spain’s healthcare institutions in line with patients’ demands? Have healthcare staff assimilated this approach? How can the integration of patient experience into everyday healthcare be operationalised? Is there a methodology for this?





Rodrigo Rama (MBA 89 / GH 86), president of the ESADE Alumni Healthcare and Pharma Club


Ferran Guedea, director of Oncology Radioteràpica of l'Institut Catalan d'Oncologia (ICO) and Chair of Oncology of the University of Barcelona (UB). Former president of the Spanish Society of Radiation Oncology. Reflections of shared decisions
Manel Escobar, radiology doctor and director of clinical diagnosis by imaging at Vall d'Hebron Hospital
Maria Gutierrez-San Miguel (MBA 16), nurse and process engineer and manager of hospital processes at Vall d'Hebron Hospital
Julio Pascual, medical director of Hospital del Mar. Reflections of shared decisions
Manel Peiró (Doct. ADE 07), director of the Institute for Healthcare Management at ESADE Business School

Moderated by:
Elena Medarde, head of the innovation area at the Sanitary Consortium of Terrassa.

Audience discussion

A glass of cava will be served after the talk

Members may bring a guest

See you there!

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