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Universal wellbeing: companies that care about their employees' health


April 25 OF 2017 from 07:30 PM to 09:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni People and Organisation Management Club and the ESADE Alumni Health and Pharma Club are pleased to invite you to ''Universal wellbeing: companies that care about their employees’ health'', a workshop about different schemes designed to enhance employees’ physical, moral and emotional well-being and, therefore, corporate productivity and growth.

Encouraging and caring about health at work helps safeguard not only the physical and psychological integrity of employees but also corporate profitability.

Employees who feel appreciated and cared for, are satisfied, efficient and productive employees. This is why organizations are increasingly committed to motivating and caring for their teams by providing health-related incentives.

HR managers face the challenge of finding new ways to increase employees' well-being and confidence in order to increase their satisfaction or to attract and retain talent. A search for benefits in terms not of salaries but of emotional benefits that convey the company’s engagement with people and define it as a respectful and committed company.

What does this healthcare inside companies entail? What is the first step towards implementing this corporate health philosophy? How can a company raise awareness about their responsible and committed attitude? What are organizations doing in this field?




Welcome and presentation:
Jose Antonio González (SEP 08), president of the ESADE Alumni People and Organisation Management Club in Madrid

Javier Sanz, head of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Risks Prevention Services, Deloitte Spain
Teresa Serrano (PROMOCIONA 16), head of Resources and Social Projects, Orange Foundation and Professor of Social Economy at Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid
Fernando Tobías, director, Mindfulness & Focusing Centre at BLC Desarrollo, and professor of personal skills at Comillas ICAI-ICADE
Javier Trallero, head of Occupational Health I+D+i at Mutua Universal

Closing remarks:
Rubén Landa (DSIS 13), board member, ESADE Alumni Health and Pharma Club



See you there!

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