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Is venture capital suitable for all investment portfolios?

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The current monetary policies of central banks have brought interest rates down below zero. As a result, increasing numbers of investors are turning to non-traditional investments in search of returns.
Venture capital is a temporary sort of financing provided to early-stage firms with an innovative value proposition expected to have high growth potential, in exchange for an ownership stake. The purpose of venture capital is to boost the growth and expansion of the companies invested in so that they increase in value and enable generate returns on the investment by selling the stake acquired for more than what it cost.

Certain platforms now provide any investor with access to such dealings, and this talk will explain how. Returns on this sort of investment do, however, vary widely, so if you have no experience or contacts in this sector, it is advisable to get professional advice beforehand.


Daniel Sánchez

Daniel Sánchez graduated in business management and holds an MBA (ESADE and Chicago University).

Daniel has considerable experience in mergers and buyouts. At present he is the head partner at Nauta Capital, whose head offices are in Barcelona, where he is in charge of finance, mergers and acquisitions and in-house management. He was directly involved in the sale of companies such as Privàlia and Social Point. Former board member of the European Venture Capital Association (now InvestEurope) and the board of Ascri, the Spanish VC and PE company.

He has been a professor and collaborator with ESADE in the areas of finance and corporate globalisation. He is also the chairman of the ESADE Finance Club.


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