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With this current crisis situation, the pace of change in the markets has skyrocketed like never before. In a digitalised global environment where technological capacities, asset management, and industries are progressing at frenetic speeds, competition is growing, and commercial profit margins are becoming increasingly tight, many companies feel that they are being left behind, or that they need to explore new opportunities. The alternative is to lose the capacity for attraction, leading inquisitive employees with new ideas to abandon them so as not to lose touch with the market. This environment is fertile ground for the concepts of agile management, scrum and sprints, which originated in the software industry but have spread to all industries and departments. In traditional project management, the final objective is predictable, so the stages can be highly structured. In today’s more ambiguous and complex environments, however, iteration with customer input, lean management and constant validation are key issues that will keep your project on the right track. The agile concept involves developing projects not with a plan orientation but with a value orientation, when you need to achieve clear, specific metrics in the short term with only limited resources and time.
If you want to understand the roles, artefacts and ceremonies of agile methodologies – including sprints, moments of truth (MOTs), the functions of product owners and scrum masters, and the profiles of high-performance teams – this is the event for you. Ready? 3, 2, 1... GO!! Esade Alumni is pleased to invite you to this Refresher Programme webinar entitled “Are you going to do nothing in this crisis? Agile, scrum, sprints, other ways to manage the company”, led by Ton Guardiet, Academic Assistant at Esade. Ton Guardiet Academic background Executive MBA from Esade Business School (Barcelona), Finance & Investing, Associate Degree MBA from Ambai University (USA), Postgraduate Programme in Business Administration from the Faculty of Economics at the National Distance Education University (UNED), and Bachelor’s Degree from Eina (Autonomous University of Barcelona). Professional career Academic Director of Custom Executive Education (Corporate MBA Loyola, Eulen and other programmes), Academic Assistant in various Executive Education programmes and business plan mentor (>50 programmes per year in various MBAs and executive programmes). He has collaborated with the Department of General Management and Strategy since 2012. Co-founder and CEO of 2 Digits Growth with BCN Accelerator, MAD Accelerator, BilB Accelerator and SEV Accelerator, with partners in France, the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States, accelerating the growth of medium-sized and large companies through corporate accelerators, detecting business opportunities, and co-financing corporate venturing units, systematising innovation, corporate business development and business growth. He currently sits on various corporate boards and management committees. He previously served as director general of various companies in the retail sector, franchisors and tech firms such as Kibuc, Hogarius, Nukkua and Interiors. As an entrepreneur and investor, he has launched three business ventures and invested in another six. Of these, some have been sold, others have been shut down, and in others he remains a shareholder. Over the past four years, he has examined more than 150 business plans. He is also a lecturer, mentor and project evaluator in several programmes at Esade, the Open University of Catalonia, Acció, the Barcelona Provincial Council, business clusters, BizBarcelona and other institutions. We hope to see you there! For more information:

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