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Around the globe, 85% of workers are not happy at work. Bearing in mind that people work at least one third of their life, this means that companies lose or fail to earn millions for not focusing on what matters most: their personnel. The dehumanisation and lack of commitment found in companies is usually the result of the workforce not having a sense of belonging to something bigger, i.e. not feeling that they are on the same wave length as the company. This is why it is so important for professionals and companies to embrace efficient happiness. This ESADE Alumni Careers webinar will examine the main aspects of this approach, its importance, how personal goals can tally with corporate goals, and how all this can be incorporated into your company’s strategy, your team or your everyday activities.

Happiness at work is not only possible but a must. Our companies’ and our own long-term survival depend on it. Antonio Rodríguez Antonio Rodríguez (Lic&M Derecho 2012) is the founder and CEO of Efficient Happiness. After working as a lawyer for almost a decade and being involved in different companies, he decided to change track and devote himself to his real passion – happiness and people – and set up the company he now runs. Efficient Happiness is a pioneering company that audits and increases happiness in companies with a view to making them more robust and survive on the market longer. Antonio is also a speaker, the co-founder of the association Moving Minds and also a member of the management committee of the world association of happiness managers DIRFEL. He works with the most senior happiness institutions around the globe and teaches happiness in the workplace and in communication law, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Language: Spanish

  • #Dirección de Personas y Desarrollo Profesional

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