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ESADE Alumni Social invites you to take part in ''Team interdependence'', a webinar by Francesc Manyós de Balanzó, director of content at DignetiK, a company giving guidance to companies engaged in ethical reflection as a way to improve their organisation.

One of the keys to success in the Consultors Solidaris project is the smooth running of the different work teams and how their members work together, and the interdependence between team members.

Interdependence implies that people are able to learn to depend on others by sharing a set of principles with other professionals in a committed and responsible manner in order to achieve the objectives planned and pursued in their work plan.

This webinar will explain three main ways of learning to depend on others:

• Knowledge sharing: Information interdependence.
• Responsibility and consensus sharing: Decision interdependence.
• Common sense and strategy sharing: Action interdependence.

Webinars enable you to:

- Access the webinar wherever you are on a mobile device* or computer providing you have a loudspeaker and an internet connection.
- Interact with the speaker by asking questions via a real-time chat during the webinar.

* If you use a mobile device, you must download the app to access the webinar platform.

A few days before the webinar, you will receive an email with your personal and non-transferable access url enabling you to follow the webinar in real time and take part. The webinar will be held in the GMT+01:00 time zone (Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris. A link will be provided in the same email to check what time it will be held in your time zone.

Only for ESADE Alumni members.

Limited numbers

We hope to see you there!

For further information:

Language: Spanish