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Workshop: Finding your Balance to Win


February 12 OF 2018 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni Greece Chapter, in collaboration with ALBA Alumni Association, would like to invite you to the interactive talk - workshop "Finding your Balance to Win” by Alexandra Panayotou. The event will take place in Athens on Monday, 12 of February.

We lead busy, demanding and complex lives – most of us strive to succeed professional success, and/ or personal happiness. And yet too often we fall short in one or both areas. Many of us, though relatively successful fail to live up to our full potential, and too often we put our personal fulfilment aside, thinking that it is merely an unattainable luxury. We have numerous excuses for not achieving what we could achieve; when what we need to do is find the reasons and the means to reach whatever goals we set for ourselves professionally or personally. We cannot avoid obstacles and problems in our lives, but we can decided to overcome all obstacles and find the necessary balance to win where it’s most important for us.


Alex Panayotou

Alex Panayotou is a changer of lives. Of Greek origin, she was born in Ireland, studied in Switzerland, and lived for 13 years in Spain. She is a successful executive and personal mentor, charismatic keynote speaker and ultra-endurance athlete.

She has developed a series of corporate and personal development programs that achieve long-term tangible results. Her method is innovative and unique, and she herself stands out in her capacity to understand people and teams, and to help them achieve their objectives. She lives what she teaches and her energy is unparalleled. Her work draws out the best in the people and groups she works with all over the world. Her manner of facing life and its sometimes-brutal challenges is something we all can learn from.

She has worked with top firms such as Coca-Cola, Telefonica, TNT, ADP, Prudential, Frigoglass, Manpower Group, amongst others, and works with executive groups from prestigious business schools such as ESADE, IESE, and London Business School helping them to reach their goals with excellence as companies, professionals, and as individuals. Alex is also a TEDx Speaker, and has already published her first book and is working on her second. But apart from this professional side, her athletic side is also outstanding.

Alex has run more kilometers than most people have driven. She started running late at 30 years old, and quickly reached championship level. In 2004 she came 2nd in the Barcelona Marathon, 4th in the Greek Championships, and won many races before she turned to solo extreme distance running for charity. She is one of only about 5 women in the world who have run distances and challenges as extreme as 2010 km in 31 days, or 400 km non-stop. She is based in Athens and Spain, and travels all over the world for her work.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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