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Workshop: The main secrets to boosting your leadership

Workshop | Spanish

November 12 OF 2019 from 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM

According to Richard E. Boyatzis, great leaders keep a balance between the mind, body, heart and spirit.

Assuming you agree, partly at least, how can you put this into practice?

Can “bridges" be built between the mind, emotions and the body? Which are they and what techniques can enable us to use them? Are any principles or “laws" fulfilled in bodily, mental and emotional spheres? What are they and what practical consequences might they have for you?

This new ESADE Alumni Careers workshop will answer these questions on the basis of an original and effective combination of aikido (pacific martial art) and neuroscience.

The speaker will be César Fernández (MBA 92), psychologist and senior executive coach. Author of the book "Aikido and business leadership". Associate director of Talengo, an executive talent management and search firm. The workshop approach will enable the proposed techniques to be tried out first hand, so you’ll be able to apply them immediately.