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XI Jornada Anual del Club Lleida ESADE Alumni


June 26 OF 2019 from 08:00 PM to 10:00 PM

The ESADE Alumni Lleida Club it's pleasured to invite you to its 11th Annual Meeting: "Everything can be trained", by Toni Nadal, Rafa Nadal's elite coach.

During this session, Toni will share with us different points that she has learned during her professional career:

· The failure would be not to try.

· You have to have short-term objectives.

· The main objective is to improve, improving you are able to understand success.

· Play a point as if it were the last.

· Innovations - the world changes, what was valid when we started is no longer valid

· You have to be attentive without losing the essence of what you have been.

· The reality is that, either you are not good enough or you do not train enough.

· Demand - the only way to achieve the goal - with Rafa tried to derive towards self-demand, is to be self-demanding and responsible. Never an excuse made us win a game.

· Fitness is very important but it is the attitude that makes you win

· Everything must be learned, everything can be improved.

· One teaches by example and puts passion in what he does. You have to be willing to listen and to learn.

· The important thing is the commitment to what you do, you try to do your best.

· Improving is the biggest challenge. Doing things well and if I do them well I will earn money

· The world changes, I have to be able to evolve. When things are going well, changing is very difficult.

The Mallorcan Toni Nadal is one of the main architects of the success of the world tennis star, King of the Beaten Earth and Olympic gold, Rafael Nadal. His experience and ability to work have worked perfectly to ensure that the innate abilities of his pupil are developed to the maximum.

Toni Nadal, who also competed in tennis for six years, began in this sport his nephew Rafael Nadal at the early age of four years and taught him to play.

Rafael Nadal also played alfútbol and could have been professional, but when Rafael was 12 years old, Toni Nadal told him he could achieve greater success in tennis than in football and, since then, Toni became a coach, mentor, support, strategist and emotional anchor Rafael Nadal.

Toni Nadal, who directed the tennis school of the Manacor Tennis Club, decided to train Rafael Nadal in bad conditions and using bad quality tennis balls, only to teach him that winning or losing does not depend on the quality of the court, the strings, the lights or the type of balls that are used, but it is about attitude, discipline and focus.

For him the most important qualities to win, the ones he instilled in Rafael, are modesty, mental balance and having his feet on the ground. His philosophy is that you can only achieve success with hard work and that there is always room for improvement. Apart from that, another of his priorities was to develop the character of his pupil because he knew that this has a profound impact on results and motivation.

We hope to see you there!

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