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XIII Alumni Social Giving Back Closing ceremony


For many organizations, sustainability has become a requirement that goes beyond mere compliance with standards or reporting. Increasingly, social and environmental sustainability are understood as a strategic priority: a value factor for investors, customers and consumers. A competitive advantage at several levels. On this occasion we will share the day with some of the companies and the most committed movements in this direction:

Pablo Sanchez, director of the BCORP Spain movement, an alliance of companies that go beyond the goal of generating economic profits, companies that innovate to maximize their positive impact on employees, the communities they serve and the environment.

Oriol Vila, CEO of Holaluz, who runs an electric company that meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and social responsibility of our business environment.

Juliana Mutis, founder and head of corporate sustainability at Lavola, a consultancy specializing in sustainability, who uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems and who accompanies companies of all kinds in their transformation towards more responsible models.

Manuel Morales, Director of the TEB Cooperative Group, who through their different special work centers offer quality products and services while employing more than 500 people with intellectual disabilities.

In addition, the day will take place in the own facilities of the social cooperative TEB, recipient of one of the charity consultancies of this year of ESADE ALUMNI SOCIAL. We will have the luxury of meeting your team and chatting with them about their economic and social results.

Do not miss this experience!