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You are a story. Come along, tell your story and win over your listeners!

Workshop | Spanish

June 03 OF 2019 from 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM

Do you know what message you want to get across, or do you simply churn out ideas without a specific strategy? Are your conversations one-way or two-way? Are you creative or do you repeat the same things over and over again – even if you don’t get the desired results and people get bored?

Every interaction is a chance to make an impression, enhance your reputation and strengthen your personal brand and that of your company. Meticulous attention to detail is essential in order to create high-impact presentations that inspire trust and credibility.

In this workshop, the Queen model created by Khimera will be used as the basis for examining presentation content and design.

Don’t miss this ESADE Alumni Careers workshop. A hands-on experience where you will apply what you learn as you go!

David Espinós
Communication consultant and facilitator, founding partner of Khimera Comunicació i Mediació. Author of the book Dar la cara es la clave. Como comunicar sin miedo en situaciones de crisis. Communication consultant to people in politics, business and public entities. His mantra is, Good communications for a better life.