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Who are we

The Automotive and Mobility Club consists of a group of alumni who work in different areas of the automotive industry. It’s also open to any alumni interested in this industry, regardless of their particular field.

What do we do

The aim is to create knowledge, encourage networking, catalyze initiatives and share best practices by organizing meetings, events and internal debates.

Junta Directiva

Ignacio Celso Bravo Mancheño

Vocal MBA Full-Time 02

Xavier Conesa Foix

Vocal MBA Part Time 03

Daniel Cornudella Roca

Vocal CE Lic&Master 01

Juan Fernández Laporta

Vocal Master Dir. Adm. Empresas

Javier Hernández González

Vocal CE Lic&Master 01

Ricardo Hernando Velasco

Vocal DGM 25

Alberto Lopez Lopez

Vocal EMBA 1534

Joan Miquel Malagelada Seckler

Club President EDIK 07

Cesar Negrete Caballero

Vocal MBA Part Time 03

Marina Planas López

Vocal MBA Part Time 03

Jesús Salvador Escobar

Vocal Part Time MBA 03

Jaume Verge Martín

Vocal CE Lic&Master 01