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Achieving peace of mind. A talk in the Wellness series

Sesión Flash | Spanish

March 05 OF 2018 from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

ESADE Alumni Careers is pleased to announce this flash session to share ideas and techniques for understanding how the mind works and achieving peace of mind.

Peace of mind enables us to stop associating ourselves with what is going on in our mind and be less caught up in our thoughts, emotions, desires, memories, etc. This new knowledge can make us happier and enable us to broaden our sphere of action at work and in our personal life.

Our minds are constantly unsettled, like a rippling pond after a stone is thrown in. It is only when there are no ripples, when everything is completely still, that we can see the bottom of the pond and the treasures hidden there. When we achieve complete peace of mind we can see our treasure, our potential.  

Using a combination of theory and practice we will work on a variety of methods applicable to everyday life without wasting a minute of our time: how to breathe differently, be aware of what is happening in our mind, pay attention to the present moment, etc. We will also have an introduction to meditation, all with a view to achieving peace of mind.

The flash session will be led by Alfredo Rey, a biology graduate, personal and executive coach, and meditation teacher and coach. Alfredo has been spending several months a year in India for more than ten years now. He works in Spain at Laboratorio del Alma where he combines the knowledge he acquires from traditional Indian wisdom with techniques derived from western emotional intelligence and coaching. He is the author of the book Planeta India published by Plataforma Editorial. He is also a founding partner of the Conocerte centre of psychology and personal growth.

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