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Career dimension assessment. "The windmill method”, by Josep F. Mària

Programa de continuidad | Spanish

November 27 OF 2019 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

The refresher programme uses the Student First method. During this session, participants will learn about the windmill method and how it can be used for career assessment.


1. Preparation 

Prior to the session, participants must write a short biography about the different phases in their career including the periods of change between each phase. This biography must provide at least the following information:

1)    Your motivations in each phase and periods of change 
2)    Your goals in each phase and period of change
3)    The types of knowledge (finance, marketing, psychology, sociology, strategy, etc) you had to acquire and apply in each phase
4)    How you combined your career with your social and personal life in each phase
5)    The activities – hobbies, talking to friends or partners, yoga, etc – that helped you evaluate your life (and career) at each stage


2. The windmill method

A windmill has two pairs of sails that turn in the wind. This enables it to grind wheat.

A career is like a windmill because it has two pairs of sails and energy is needed to make them turn.

The first pair of sails concerns the strain between the things that motivate you in each phase and your career goals.

The second pair of sails concerns the strain between internal and external career deployment. Internal deployment consists of learning and applying different forms of knowledge necessary to practice your profession in a given job and company, e.g. finance, marketing, psychology, chemistry, engineering, law, etc. The external deployment consists of striking a balance between your career and other dimensions of your life: relationships/family life, civic life, hobbies, etc. 

Finally, the wind that moves the four sails is related to the energy source that provides the strength and vision that executives need to take decisions and implement them, due to the complexity of the four sails. Executives have different ways of resting, managing stress, taking stock of everyday occurrences, etc. These are the activities that replenish their source of energy.

ESADE Alumni is pleased to invite you to this Refresher Programme talk entitled “Career dimension assessment. The windmill method” by Josep F. Mària, associate professor in the ESADE Department of Society, Politics and Sustainability. 

Bio of Josep F. Mària here


Limited numbers

Members are welcome to bring a guest.
See you there!

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