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The ESADE Alumni Senior Club invites you to this new session entitled "The Silver Economy, a Golden Challenge", the market related to the needs and demands of senior citizens. It encompasses a broad spectrum of concepts and fields of interest concerning the opportunities and threats arising from the increased purchasing power of this large group, a steadily older world population and the specific needs of persons over the age of 55. Certain demographic phenomena – the baby boomer generation reaching retirement age, falling fertility rates and longer life expectancy – pose considerable changes and challenges for the silver economy. According to a European Commission study carried out by Technopolis and Oxford Economics, the silver economy, i.e. the sector producing goods and services for persons over the age of 50, accounted for €3.7 billion in 2015 and could climb to €5.7 billion by 2025. The income and profit of companies that focus on the aging population grew on average at a higher rate than the global market. People have to address the Silver Economy, with adaptation and training, to the threats of an unknown environment, for a psychological and emotional transformation, to the new situation, so the problem must be transformed into an opportunity. See you there! Speakers Pau Miret Gamundi, researcher at Centro de Estudios Demográficos, associate professor at UAB and academic assistant at UOC. Giulia Diamante, head of pinpointing and analysing international opportunities at Accio (2008/2019) Leyre Alfonso,International strategy consultant specialized in the health and life sciences sector at ACCIO Ceferi Soler, full professor, department of people management and organisation at ESADE Map Silver Economy in Catalonia Opportunities in Europe Business opportunities in Asia Limited numbers For further details:

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