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Workshop: 'Agile management in startups (scrum, kanban and others)'


June 04 OF 2018 from 07:00 PM to 08:30 PM

ESADE Alumni Entrepreneurship is pleased to invite you to a workshop about how to adapt and apply different agile methodologies at ESADE Barcelona (Av. Pedralbes, 60-62) on 4th June from 19:00 onwards. Miquel Mora, co-founder of Housfy, will lead the workshop.

This workshop will explain how to adapt and apply different agile methodologies, i.e. methods which, as their name suggests, enable executives to adapt how they work to suit project conditions, thereby achieving a flexible, immediate response able to tailor the project and its development to the specific circumstances of its setting. In short, this methods enables companies to manage their projects effectively whilst cutting costs and improving productivity.

This workshop will outline the benefits of agile management, the main characteristics of different agile methodologies, the relationship between them, and how they can be applied to different areas in a start-up to make the most of it.

Scrum and kanban are two of the agile methodologies to be covered in this workshop. Scrum is the regular application of a set of good teamwork practices to ensure the best possible project outcome. Kanban, on the other hand, displays work items on a board so team members can see the status of each one at any time.



Miquel Mora is a co-founder of Housfy, a platform for selling real estate without commission. He is an expert in management 3.0, community management, project management, interaction and dsabilidad design, and has a certificate in ScrumMaster and a certificate in IT Service Management.