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Beyond the genre: The feminine as a competitive factor

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The ESADE Alumni Andorra Chapter are pleased to invite you to their first event of the 2019-20 academic year on 30 October at 19.00. 

What if gender was simply a myth? What if equality was not a male/female issue but a matter of lending a voice to all things feminine? And what are all things feminine?

Today’s world calls for companies to be creative and innovative. They are expected to change. This can only happen if companies have the right conditions to enable talent to grow. And this can only happen when people are at ease, when flexibility, tolerance, collaboration, communication, etc, can find a place where they can express themselves. In other words, when there are “more things feminine”.

Men and women can and must work together to find a new way of responding to current challenges and creating a new world in which the place where people’s talents are developed is the workplace.

Corporate diversity is not merely a fashionable trend but a necessity in order to respond to current challenges.
It is not a matter of having more women in companies, although this does help, but of having “more things feminine”. This is the key to transformation and this talk will address how to move in this direction.


Mercè Brey

Mercè Brey has a degree in Business Studies, a Master in International Finance and Foreign Trade, and postgraduate studies in European Integration and Sales Management. Her holistic training includes a Master in Neurolinguistic Programming and the knowledge of the mechanics of business constellations that she gained from one of the creators of this concept,  Gunthard Weber.

She has taught in the business faculty at the University of Pernambuco (Brazil), and also at the University of Barcelona where she has been working for more than 20 years.

She has also worked in the field of corporate globalisation as the commercial director of international business at Banco Sabadell and director of foreign trade at CaixaBank. She has been a member of several boards and the president of a chamber of commerce.

Above all, she is a firm believer in interpersonal relationships. In her opinion, people are endowed with energy and they all belong to a single whole that makes individuality meaningful.

She currently runs Blue, her own consulting firm specialised in diversity and inclusive leadership, and she has just published her second book Alfes i Omegues, el poder de lo femení a les organitzacions.


See you there!

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