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'The Challenges and Suggestions for Implementing Innovation Programs today', by Professor Ken Morse

Programa de continuidad | English

October 06 OF 2016 from 07:30 PM to 09:30 PM


Reinvent yourself or die

Ken Morse, the founder of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center and its director for 13 years, gave an interesting Refresher Programme talk entitled ''Challenges and suggestions for implementing innovation development programs today'' during which he interacted constantly with the audience.

Morse is an innovation strategy consultant for big companies and regional governments in Europe and Japan. He began his talk by outlining a few examples of innovation such as Watson and his first telephone, Edison and his light bulbs, Ford and automobile manufacturing: technological developments that were previously unthinkable. Morse explained that innovation and entrepreneurship is not simply a question of creating new products or solutions, it also means being able to change the rules of the game by creating new business opportunities and giving consumers solutions by providing a different course of action.

Today, everyone needs to innovate, businesses big and small alike. Although large companies have certain advantages, they have disadvantages too: their decision-taking is slow and their ability to outsource more radical innovation to start-ups is limited, whilst their own business units can only produce incremental innovation. ''The most radical innovation comes from above (the CEO himself) or from outside,'' said Morse.

Start-ups, on the other hand, must remember that a successful business needs  ''a highly qualified and experienced team, the best technology to enable them to renew themselves and adapt to changing times, and create a single measurable, verifiable and reportable value that is easy to explain,'' he said. They must also focus on speed, execution and results.

The importance of sales

Morse believes that innovation = invention x marketing. If either is equal to zero, no progress will be possible. ''It’s very important for us to understand that creating new ideas and new technologies is crucial, but marketing is a must too,'' he said. ''Besides, innovation and marketing must tune into customers’ needs and seek out the consumer segment that may be interested in my value proposition. Listening is the first step along the road to selling. Customers need to know that their needs have been understood,'' said professor Morse.

Professor Morse continued by explaining some case studies of companies that had used different innovation processes and results, such as Cambrian Innovation which focuses on environmental solutions, Ogin and their wind turbines, and Terrafugia and their flying car.

''There is a lot of innovation in the world, but no change will happen unless we know who needs it and we are able to develop it quickly. It’s tough and success is never guaranteed but if we don’t try, we’ll die,'' he said.




The ESADE Alumni Barcelona International Chapter is pleased to invite you to ''The Challenges and Suggestions for Implementing Innovation Programs today'', a talk by Ken Morse, Visiting Professor of Department of Marketing in ESADE, serial entrepreneur and well-known corporate innovation expert, on Thursday 6 October at 7.30 pm at ESADEFORUM.

Here in Europe today, and especially in Catalonia, many executives speak glowingly about the need for innovation. ''Innovate or Die'' they say.

But how? There are many kinds of innovation and many different ways in which corporations large and small  can achieve sustainable success.
What are the challenges of implementing incremental, radical and open innovation in your firm? How should your company best be organized to achieve a major impact such as creating new €100 million businesses. What are the right kinds of people to recruit and how can you attract, motivate and retain top-notch talent year after year?



Ken Morse

Ken Morse is a serial entrepreneur and well-known expert in corporate innovation, having co-founded six innovation-driven tech firms with MIT friends and classmates. Five were successful – leading to IPOs or mergers - and one was a disaster. For the last 20+ years, first as founding Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center in Boston, and now as a visiting professor at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Ken has been advising major firms and regional governments in Europe and Japan about different aspects of their innovation strategies. While Ken was Managing Director of AspenTech Europe SA/NV in Brussels, his EMEA team achieved 18 consecutive quarters of on-target sales performance, while growing key-account business by 600% to 900%. Ken believes that innovation = invention x commercialization. If either is zero, no progress is made.



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