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"Just B2B - Key elements to develop predictable business'' by Óscar Torres


The ESADE Alumni Shanghai Chapter is pleased to invite you to, “Just B2B. Key elements to
develop predictable business”, a Refresher Programme talk by Óscar Torres, director of the
Executive Education B2B Management Programme, senior director of partner development at
Dassault Systèmes worldwide, consultant, coach, member of several advisory boards and
expert in B2B sales and strategy.

Before the 2009 crisis, many CEOs in companies selling to other companies (B2B) focused most
of their efforts on thinking about how to manage great market demand. During the ensuing
doldrums, however, orders no longer sprang from demand and had to be created. At this
point, many CEOs and GMs in B2B companies realized they lacked the flexibility needed to
focus their companies on B2B business development. Processes were fully optimized, but sales
had been overlooked!

Many CEOs in B2B companies realized that it was not enough to improve their sales
departments: they needed to reorganize their company in order to sell more with less effort
and more predictably.

This talk will reveal the 5 key factors needed to transform a B2B company into a well-oiled
organization that generates business predictably.

We hope to see you there!

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